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The area adjacent to the main square of the High Speed railway station in Zaragoza designed by the Arch. Carlos Ferrater works as a real gap between the city and the station. The idea driving the project addresses the need to link these two spaces and wants to create a meeting place, fluid and dynamic, while giving a specific character to each function.
The concept was based on the restitution of an urban character inside an indefinite element.A base composed of separate elements of organic form and height variable, uniformly distributed, is the bond with the ground from which rise three vertical elements, coloured and glassed, which contrast with the heavy base that recalls the urban historical texture of the city. The selectad colors for each façade of the buildings confers to the intervention a better harmony with context and public spaces of the ground floor. By covering the built up area is got the idea of the movement that the project emphasizes through the different perception of the facades in urban scale placed sequentilaaly along its lenght. Was also enhanced the permeability of the transversal space to the station square with a series of routes at microurban scale.