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The project is about a public park of 5 hectares in Casal Monastero, a residential area in the outskirts of Rome. The area is on the edge between the city and the typical Rome countryside, it is crossed from north to south by a little stream.
The project is structured by three essential elements:
– the external edge, characterized by many small trees, contains the entrances and the main path;
– the large inner grass field that preserves the image of the agricultural landscape
– the stream line with big native trees
The vehicular accessibility is assured by the existing road network all around the park
Important works are related to the stream and the red path.
The slopes of the stream sides are reshaped and ivy and flowers are planted on them.
The red ring path, one kilometer long, runs through the park connecting the entrances, it has a fluid shape and a variable width, from 2,5 m to 25 m, the concrete floor allows the pedestrian and the bicycle uses. Inside the ring there are many fruit trees with multicoloured blooms.
Some facilities are placed where the path is wider: a centre for elderly people, a reading room, a small bar, moreover some sports equipments are placed along the path.