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The design of the Secondary School of Berlingo aims both to complete the urban system and to be a first intervention in an area that is not yet built, recently acquired by the Municipality; the area, in fact, lies in the former quarry Montini, located on the northern edge of the town.
The project aims to reconcile the simplicity and the clarity of composition and reorganization of spaces that involve the composition of three main buildings: the Auditorium, the Teaching area and the Service area. The three main functional areas are connected by a large recreational space-distribution and a double height atrium, which, in addition to acting as the main entrance to the school, allows an access dedicated to the Auditorium, used also outside of school hours. From the architectural point of view, however, the three parts of the building can be perceived as one body, conformed by a large roof that folds in several points.
Another important aspect of the design has been the environmental sustainability, closely linked to the choice of materials and construction technologies. The main aspects considered are: use of material easily found on site, easily disposable and recyclable, attention to the arrangement and the effect on the environment and preparation of plants for energy efficiency for the overall building.