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The project area is located in Milan, in a central area, near Porta Genova railway station. The site was characterized by the presence of a great number of industries that have been disused and replaced by space for services and residences.
It has been already ten years from the start of the transformation of the area, called “Zona Tortona”, led by many events link to fashion and design.

The intervention consists in the conservation and requalification of different parts of the existing building.
The project change the original building in the 3 dimensions: length, height and depth.
In the plan a new surface is added on the short edge, designed to accommodate all the services (stairs, elevator, bath, terraces) and on the other part all the partitions are demolished leaving an open space in each level.
The facades present a game of full and empty, highlighted by the contrast of the material and the colours.
The idea is to give shape to a new building with a strong character, that could become a point of reference for all the area.

The dialogue between architecture and advanced technologies was essential to give the project a high level of sustainability Through compact design, the consequent little dispersion and the use of natural ventilation for the thermohygrometric comfort, the building reaches quickly a good energy efficiency and represent a good example of sustainable architecture for its energetic qualities and for the benefit offered to its users.