Riqualificazione Urbana del Centro Storico

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Mandatory needs for the area are lack of identity and flexibility of urban spaces throughout the time life-cycles of the Centre (season events, everyday use, events, etc.). After accurate analysis on fluxes, economical and social activities and urban voids, the project has been configured as a topologic, flexible grid that hybridizes itself on the territory. The grid guidelines define modular areas for parking, car, bike and pedestrian roads, as well as rails for the mobile units; they also host technical and energetic pipelines. Urban facilities (bus stop, green furniture, info totems, etc.) are developed as different configurations of a mobile unit that can be re-positioned as needed. Thus, the overall concept becomes a strong and clear identity mark in a developable, extendable and non-finished strategy of territorial design. Specific urban strategies and projects have been developed for critical urban void areas.


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