London Breath

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This a proposal for an adaptable floating gallery in the river Thames. Our project talk about the climate change and polar bears of the North Pole: Scientists think that ice will probably disappear from the North Pole for the first time by this summer 2008 due to the global warming. We would like to express our solidarity with the hungry – and probably angry – polar bears that will soon reach our lands (?) trying to find some dry land and food. What about architecture? The earth and the city – as the bears – need ideas being able to cope with ecological issue and to establish a radically new relation between architecture and nature. This is why we’ve imagined for London 2008″ a breathing and living architectural objet, in order to give a strong iconic value to the gallery that will contain, produce and distribute ideas about the future of the cities. Living beings basically differ from the unanimated ones in their ability to create relations and interact with the environment they’


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