Faculty of Medicine Coimbra University

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The building for the Subunit 2 and 4 of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra, establishes connections with the surrounding area and is integrated in the landscape, creating a functional and formal interaction with the urban life of the Campus.
The project was born from the idea of creating a privileged connection with the main square of the Campus, located in the North area of the site, and having a wide open view on the ground level to the surrounding landscape to the South and West – the woods.
The functional requirements of the building lead to a high density and complex program. Therefore it became essential to develop a strategy based on introducing voids as moments of interaction between the different spaces and levels. These voids contribute for the social interaction of the users.
The volume of the building is simple from the exterior in order to allow the existence of interior vertical patios that bring dynamism and light to the interior space.

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