Green Room

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Organizzato da: EASA

Dove: Irlanda, Dublino
Scade il: 2008-04-10 00:00:00
Studenti ammessi: si

EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly) is an annual assembly of 400 Architecture and Design students which takes place over a two week period every August. The aim of the organization is to encourage cooperation, innovation and collaboration between students from over forty European countries through the media of architectural workshops, lectures, informal debates and exhibitions. The organizing committee of EASA Ireland 2008 have outlined a hands on experimental workshop that will result from an International design competition. The brief for this competition is to design a transportable pavillion that will function as a learning tool for school children. The winning entry will be draughted for construction by an architectural office, and the winning design will be built on site in Letterfrack during the 2008 summer assembly as a high quality built workshop. Now to April 01, 2008