5th IAHH International Student Design Competition 2007

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Organizzato da: IAHH


Dove: India, Mumbai
Scade il: 2007-01-24 00:00:00
Studenti ammessi: si

The IAHH is pleased to announce the theme of the 5th IAHH International Student Design Competition 2007. The design will aim at planning and designing a regional social, cultural and arts complex for a sustainable community. The design and planning proposal shall aim at humane, sustainable and innovative architecture. The design brief shall be evolved in regional, urban / rural context. The complex shall have community centre, social centre, women centre, youth centre, art and craft centre, exhibition centre, library and resource centre and share some public places and social interaction spaces with the community. It shall Include a regional arts and crafts centre, which provides for research and training in the arts, crafts and culture of the region. It may provide some outdoor and indoor sports facilities or it may be located in close proximity to such recreational facilities. The regional social and cultural complex shall include clean, modest accommodation for visiting participants in social and cultural activities as well as the average cultural tourist who is looking for a simple nirvana break with local flavour. The regional social and cultural complex may be located in rural or urban environment. The student participants are required to identify a suitable rural or urban community, undertake social, cultural, environmental and physical surveys and analysis before developing design brief and proposing a design synthesis. The region is not to be defined by administrative or revenue boundaries but is to be considered as a social space with shared traditions historically which may cut across local district or state or national boundaries. The proposed design should be people and environment friendly and should be evolved with active participation of the people and the community. It should be energy efficient and should have sustainable infrastructural services, such as supported by alternate source of energy, water harvesting, recycling of wastes. It should have good accessibility and should be linked to the surrounding neighbourhoods and community through pedestrian linkages. It should be accessible through private and public transportation systems. It must provide for adequate parking facilities for cars, buses and bicycles. It must be harmoniously related to other community facilities and open spaces. The design proposal should aim at generating awareness about humane and sustainable architecture. The project may have a small area with a high density of development or a large area with low density development. It may use state of the art / appropriate and sustainable technologies. The complex may be spread over an area of 5 to 10 hectares, approximately zoning of the project may include 15% of the area shall be for sports/recreation. 10-15% for social/public interaction spaces, 10-15% for transportation and infrastructure with proper accessibility and parking facility. 55-65 % of area may be used for the buildings and facilities housing the regional social, cultural and arts centre. The development may be in a phased manner.